Protecting your skincare protects your skin.

To give sensitive skin the ultra safety that it needs, Avène Dermatological Laboratories have reinvented dermo-cosmetics with the introduction of sterile dermo-cosmetic products, a world premiere which makes it possible to completely eliminate preservatives and keep only the essential actives for your skin.

A solution that does not compromise the efficacy and safety required for the most demanding skin

This new generation of skin care guarantees absolute efficacy and safety for the most demanding skin (baby skin, hypersensitive skin, pathological skin and atopic skin),, and has led to a new standard of production contained in a unique, strict charter.

Sterile cosmetics is a new generation of dermo-cosmetic products that combine:

A unique process in dermo-cosmetics:
sterilization throughout production

To produce this new generation of cosmetics, a specific environment needed to be created within the Soual and Avène production sites, including a sterile environment that met the highest technological requirements, based on the same model used for medicines, perfectly mastered by Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Everything was carried out according to the strict standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Sterilization of all production equipment
• Preparation of the production chain that requires sterilization (reactors, pumps, connecting pipes, filters, packaging fillers).
Patented sterilization of formulas
• Reception and control of the raw material selected.
• Production of the emulsion in a sterilized mixer
• Innovative sterilization methods
Thanks to this method of sterilization, formulas can now be sterilized without modifying their properties, especially their efficacy and their organoleptic qualities.
Packaging in a sterile environment
• Packaging with the D.E.F.I system in a class A sterile environment (in accordance with current pharmaceutical industry standards.

Training of highly qualified staff
• Sterile production requires specific expertise.

A perfectly hermetic patented sealing system. Thanks to the D.E.F.I. system (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity)

D.E.F.I is a new, revolutionary approach to packaging design in dermo-cosmetics. The D.E.F.I system was developed and patented by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics, across all industrial sectors. This sealing system helps preserve a completely intact sterile formula, protected from all germs throughout the product's use. D.E.F.I therefore offers the benefit of sterile skin care, and complete elimination of preservatives, in an original, large format tube, throughout use.

Rigorous selection of only essential ingredients. To provide safe, effective formulas

This innovative concept allows:
• Use of formulas that contain only the essential ingredients, rigorously selected for their efficacy and tolerance.
• Elimination of useless ingredients with no link to the sought-after efficacy: preservatives and substances with incidental preservative function, fragrance, various additives.
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