Products developed as STERILE COSMETICS comply with a stringent charter based on the following 3 points:
• Sterilization throughout production
• A perfectly hermetic patented sealing system called "DEFI"
• Rigorous selection of only essential ingredients

What is the advantage of sterile cosmetics?

STERILE COSMETICS guarantees formulas with absolutely no preservatives or substances with incidental preservative function (unlisted preservatives). Since preservatives do not affect the formula’s efficacy, STERILE COSMETICS also means that your skin is getting only what’s essential. STERILE COSMETICS offers UNIQUE SAFETY for even the most sensitive skin. STERILE COSMETICS offers UNIQUE SAFETY for the most sensitive skin.

What do we find in traditional cosmetic formulas?

Almost all cosmetics contain 4 types of ingredients: water, active ingredients, excipients (responsible for carrying active principles) and additives (fragrance, preservative, etc.).

Why do traditional cosmetic formulas contain preservatives?

Formulas that contain water are more prone to microorganism proliferation. To prevent this, cosmetic manufacturers can either use preservatives and/or substances with incidental preservative function to help reduce microorganism proliferation, or offer sterilized formulas that eliminate microorganisms as early as during production; in other words, Sterile Cosmetics!

What is a preservative?

A preservative is a substance used to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms in a formula. Appendix VI of the European Directive gives a list of 57 ingredients considered as preservatives (including parabens). Preservatives do not affect the formula’s efficacy. However, some substances added to cosmetic formulas for other purposes (adding fragrance, tone, firmness) occasionally reveal antimicrobial properties which prevent the growth of microorganisms. These unlisted substances, called “preservative-like” or “unlisted preservatives”, may include certain alcohols, essential oils or ethyl hexyl glycerine.

Why aren’t all products that claim 0% preservative called “sterile”?

Several products have been using this regulation opportunity using only unlisted preservatives in their formulas. They can therefore claim "0% preservative". In fact, if their formula is not sterile, it must inevitably contain listed or unlisted preservatives.

How do we know when a product doesn’t contain listed or unlisted preservatives?

STERILE COSMETICS products are completely free from listed or unlisted preservatives. This unique STERILE COSMETICS technology has been made possible thanks to the work of Pierre Fabre Research teams.

What does D.E.F.I. stand for?

D.E.F.I. is an acronym (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity) referring to the system used to keep a completely preservative-free product protected and sterile in a large tube. It also guarantees that the product remains sterile throughout use.

How does the DEFI system work?

The tube that contains the sterile formula is made of two parts:
The first is the cap, which is the actual DEFI sealing system (lower part).
The second, the flexible part, is called the sleeve: it has been especially designed to fit the new D.E.F.I. cap system.
Both parts, (sleeve and cap) interlock perfectly, and guarantee complete airtightness that allows the formula to remain sterile throughout use. The D.E.F.I cap is made of 4 parts, including a flexible membrane that rises when pressure is exerted on the tube and goes back into place when the pressure is released. These are high-precision parts, manufactured to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, and guarantee a perfectly cohesive system. Airtightness tests are carried out at different stages of assembling the cap. Finally, the lid fits perfectly onto the cap, (no space between them) and it is closed by a tamper-proof clip that will only be removed when the tube is used for the first time.

What is the difference between the D.E.F.I system and the airless dispenser?

An airless dispenser prevents any entry of air and prevents the oxidation of the product like the D.E.F.I system. However, a "dead volume" still remains at the top of the airless dispenser; this "dead volume" contains some of the product. This means there's a contamination risk for the product: preservatives have to be used. In the D.E.F.I system, there is no dead volume and no contamination is possible. The formula is sterile and remains so for the entire duration of the product's use.